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Step Up! Be Counted!

Posted by on October 6, 2009 at 12:43 PM

Step Up!

That was the cry of the Valley Management team going into the weekends crucial League games against Suffolk Swifts and Kelvin OB IIs. After the nightmare of the week before, Colin Valley FC badly needed their more experienced players to step up and show the club and the younger players the way forward for the rest of the season. And step up is exactly what they did!

In all walks of life - and especially in sport! - people face trials and tribulations. It's the way of life, the way of sport - and whether or not you know it, it's the main reason why sport has become the biggest pass time in the modern day. It provides people with the setting and the opportunity to overcome obstacles, win a sense of achievement, be a part of something bigger than themselves, to face the odds and to go up against others who want and crave these same things. It also opens the door for people to fail, crash, lose or embarass themselves ... but then as I said earlier - to meet these trials and tribulations head on and even triumph over them.

Make no mistake, Colin Valley FC faced a mighty trial this past weekend - that is for certain.

The management felt it, the players felt it, everybody at the club felt it, and with two games that were going to be no walkovers in any shape or form, it was to be a difficult trial at that. Suffolk Swifts have always presented a tough test to the Valley top brass and would no doubt have been gearing themselves up for another physical and trying local derby. Kelvin IIs coming off the back of a 10-nil win the week before were sure to be a team brimming with confidence and would present just as tough a test for the reserve team. Add to this a few missing 1st team players and a couple of injuries and all of a sudden Colin Valley FC were not just facing a trial - they were facing nothing less than an inquisition!

In light of the above it would have been very easy for players to hide or go missing last week but that turned out not to be the case at all. It was a case of cometh the hour - cometh the men for Colin Valley - and you've got to feel the whole club can now breathe a sigh of relief in the knowing that everyone involved this year can and will stand up to be counted when it's asked of them!

Be Counted!

Among the outstanding performers and the men who made a difference were M.Kelly and J.McCabe, two players who would probably have told you - for whatever reasons - that they had not done themselves justice the week before. Whether that be right or wrong is down to themselves to judge but if indeed that was the case then they certainly made up for any previous shortcomings on their part. With Kelly scoring a smashing header of a goal that may not be matched for importance all season and McCabe more than matching that with a M.O.M display on home soil, Valley were being well served by the very players they had asked extra of.

Of course it was not just these two who made telling contributions on the day. Other big performances came from players such as O'Rawe, Skelly, McNama and captain of the day Tom Hall from the reserves, who helped break the Kelvin resistance and provided Valley with their first win on home soil, getting the Murphy bandwagon back on the road again in the process. Yet more contributions came from players in the first team, like P.McDonnell, J.Benson, G.Kelly and P.Duff who all stood firm in the face of a crazy wind-assisted 2nd half onslaught from suffolk Swifts at Trench Park. A better defensive display you wont see all season as Suffolk literally threw all - AND the Kitchen sink at the Valley backline. A real backs-to-the-wall performance that had McMullan and Fay smiling from ear to ear at the final whistle - although their hearts could surely not have welcomed the tension of those final few minutes.

With questions being answered, trials being passed and tribulations forgotten it had been one more frantic and exciting weekend in the life that is now Colin Valley FC. The first real test of the Club in it's new format had been well and truly Aced- even if it did leave us all a bit exhausted at the end. And yet, were you to ask the question of anyone within the club - be it players or management:

"What next for Colin Valley?"

Then the only reply you're sure to get is:

"Please sir, can we have some more!!!"

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Reply Kev
6:38 AM on October 8, 2009 
have to give the educated visitors something to read when they come to the site :)
Reply Playmaker
5:58 AM on October 8, 2009 
Ur mad kev only a few people will b able to understand all them BIG words haha gr8 blog m8
Reply murph
2:48 PM on October 7, 2009 
how do u come up with them skipper
grt blogs
Reply Marty
7:00 AM on October 7, 2009 
Great blog again mate - Reading it is like a sceen from "Remember The Titans"

Keep the Good times rolling Lads!!